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Learn at Your Own Pace with Our Computer Game Design Course


Computer Game Design Course and Virtual Internship Experience from Gatlin International

This award winning Video Game Design and Basics of Programming online computer game design course  is ideal for working professionals and full time students looking to begin a rewarding career as a computer game design and developement professional.

Enthusiastic amateurs and computer gamers looking to explore this exciting field will also find this course extremely worthwhile and rewarding. 

Our video game design course combines computer graphics concepts, computer aided instruction and marketing,

Our Video and Computer Game Design Course is also extremely user-friendly. No prior computer gaming or graphics programming knowledge is required. Instead, students learn the skills they need at their own pace, through our project-centered Virtual Internship.

Daily work in a computer game design job depends largely on the specific job path the student chooses to pursue.

Students are given the freedom to focus their work on any phase of the computer game design process, including initial planning, the design of computer-generated characters and environments, as well as computer programming.

You will also learn the technical skills needed to go from the basic computer game concept to finished product.

Digital videos and interactive multi-media elements allow students to experience the challenges of working for a “real” computer game design company.

You'll acquire the programming knowledge and skills you need to design computer games as you develop interpersonal skills in communication, project and time management and critical thinking.

Over the course of your learning, you'll experience the life of a new employee as you develop and manage the complex environments for computer games and a variety of related visualization applications.

Computer Game Design Course Curriculum:

  • Game design, creation and integration
  • Programming skills
  • Storytelling
  • Game play scripting
  • Character development
  • Art and animation
  • Audio Production
  • Project management techniques

Upon completion of our computer game design course, you'll receive a Certificate in The Basics of Programming and Video Game Design.

With our unparalleled comprehensive computer game design training programme, you'll master the skills to open new doors of opportunity in the growing video game industry.

Double your career potential. Virtual Internships. Real Results.

Our Computer Games Design course is 100% online, self-paced and instructor supported to allow you to work at your own pace and increase your potential to succeed.

 Students who complete this course also receive a free 1 year membership in the Web Professionals organization. Web Professional organization is the world’s leading professional organization for Web and IT professionals. 

Take your career to the next level with the computer game design course from Gatlin International. To enroll, simply click on the "Register for this course" button located on this page. Registration is quick, easy and 100% secure.


There are two main parts to this program that run simultaneously. The Career Simulation contains four certifications inside the first four phases of the simulation. These Certifications are self- directed self-paced tutorials loaded with video and activities to help you master the programming skills needed to build 3D video games. The immersive career storyline encompasses the process of developing a game concept and then executing the creation of the game with the newly learned programming skills all while navigating the twist and turns of a working in the real world.  

Project 1

Phase 1  - Defining Your Game Purpose

Certification Section I

  1. Game Engines and Programming
  2. Programs Are…
  3. Writing a Program
  4. Printing and Text
  5. Do Loops
  6. Debugging

Phase 2 - Setting the Criteria and Constraints for Your Game

Certification Section II

  1. Variables
  2. Math
  3. Random Numbers
  4. For/Next Loops
  5. Array Basics
  6. Data Statements

Phase 3 - Researching  Existing Game Design Models

Certification Section III

  1. 2D and 3D Game Worlds
  2. Objects
  3. Cameras

Phase 4 - Brainstorming Your Game Concept, Action,  and Story

Certification Section IV

  1. Human Input
  2. Collision
  3. Textures
  4. Sounds
  5. Producing Your Game
  6. Making an EXE

Phase 5 - Building Your Game Prototype

Phase 6 - Testing and Evaluating Your Game

Phase 7 - Packaging, Pitching and Presenting Your Game

Project 2

Edutainment Game for Game Competition (Optional)

Certification Tutorials

  1. Level Design
  2. Adding Levels
  3. Advanced Display


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Additional Info

Course Length
250.00 hours
Duration of Access


No prior game design, programming or graphics programming experience are necessary. It is helpful to have a basic familiarity with computers. A high school level of mathematics, reading and writing is assumed.  

Our Game Design Virtual Internship experience is appropriate for learners who are interested in learning the basic skills of programming and game design. This course is ideal for anyone who would like to experience the thrill of creating a video game and who might like to see if a career in game design or programming is a fit. This course is also perfect for the game enthusiast who has never had the chance to create and program their own game, or someone who would like to add to their experiences for their CV or resume. 

Requirements/Materials Included

This course is currently compatible with Windows XP/Vista/Win7 Operating Systems.

Your computer should meet the following hardware and software requirements upon registration:

Hardware Requirements

  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/Win7
  • Processor: Pentium III+/AMD Athlon (750MHz or greater)
  • System Memory: 256 MB+
  • Video: Fully DirectX compatible Graphics Card with 32 MB Memory or more and Hardware 3D Acceleration
  • DirectX 9.0c or higher
  • 400MB Hard Drive space (for downloaded Game Engine and Editor)
  • Sound: DirectSound compliant sound card

Software Requirements

Gatlin International will provide the links to download all additional software and documentation. 


Upon completion of this computer game design course receive a Certificate in The Basics of Programming and Video Game Design. Two complete game production projects, a portfolio documenting your creative process, and a personal experience working within an industry setting will showcase the technical and soft skills employers are looking for. With our unparalleled comprehensive training program, master the skills to open doors in the growing video game industry.

Accredited by WOW

Special Note – Not only do you earn an industry endorsed certificate, but completers of this course also receive a free 1 year membership in the Web Professionals organization.  The world’s leading professional organization for Web and IT professionals.